The Dean Hotel, Dublin

Dublin, Ireland
After the opening in 2015, the Dylan quickly became Dublin’s trendiest spot for both weekend visitors and locals. The rooftop bar could just as well be in Brooklyn, and sets the trend. Not surprisingly we were asked, we had to bring original beam-skin cuts to produce an authentic all-American floor that only get prettier over time. For the bedrooms we created a distressed Chevron, reminiscent of old refinished flooring, but at an affordable budget.
Bedrooms: Engineered Continental Oak Country Bespoke Chevron Distressed - Custom Finish Hardwax, 12 x 60 cm.
Restaurant and Bar Floor: Antique Pine Original Beamskin with Sawkerf – Not treated but simply Soap Washed.
Random Widths, 20 - 35cm and lengths up to 427cm.

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