Tommy Hilfiger, Regent Street, London

London, United Kingdom
By personal appointment of Mr Hilfiger, this flagship store should not only have the American look, but also use original American hardwoods for all floors and stairs. We proudly crafted wide planks from reclaimed American Oak beams and newly sawn character Oak. For the upper level, we crafted a narrow 2” strip floor with large black v-grooves, reminiscent of an old boat deck finished in hi-gloss lacquer. With the design team of Hilfiger Europe, we developed a custom finish with warm brown patina and a very heavy coating to last for years. The floors were installed in 2007, and still look every bit as pretty as on the day they were installed.
Solid Antique American Oak - Custom Stain Satin Poly, Random Widths, 12 - 30 cm.
Solid Country and Antique American Oak - Boatdeck Strips in Custom Stained High Gloss Poly.

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